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Chemical control of rust disease in groundnut

Chemical Control of rust disease in groundnut

  • Spray chlorothalonil 0.2%; or mancozeb 0.25% or Hexaconazole/propaconazole to reduce disease incidence.
  • Chlorothalonil 0.2% spray has been found effective against rust and late leaf spot, when sprayed 30 days after germination till 15 days before harvesting at regular 10-15 day intervals.
  • However, suitable disease forecast system based on temperature, humidity, cloudy weather, and rainfall pattern if available is useful to save the fungicide and spraying costs .
  • Calixin at 0.5 ml/liter of water or Kavach at 2 g/liter of water controls rust.
  • Calixin is effective against rust but not against leaf spots.
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