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Chemical control of pomegranate shot hole borer

Chemical control pomegranate shot hole borer


  1. Drench the soil around main trunk with 4 ml Chloropyriphos+2 ml Propiconazole per litre of water and repeat the same after 20-25 days or Soil drenching with chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 4 ml and Carbendazim 50 WP @ 2g or  Propiconazole 25 EC @ 1 ml  around  5-8 litres solution per tree.
  2. Apply 500 grams of Neem cake +25 gram Boraux per tree against wilting.


Paste application to the trunk of pomegranate plants with Lindane @ 0.05% or chloropyriphos @ 0.1% around 5 litre Per tree near root  zone.

Andhra Pradesh

Soil drenching with chlorpyriphos (0.2%) in and around the affected trees is effective as prophylactic spray chlorpyriphos (0.2%) and carbaryl (0.2%)


  1. Avoid water logging, keep soil raked and aerated, uproot and burnt infested trees, especially the root zone.
  2. Pits of uprooted trees should be treated with Chlopyriphos 2.5ml /litres, by thoroughly drenching.
  3. Drench soil around main trunk with a mixture of Chlorpyriphos 2.5 ml + tridemorph 1 ml/lit. Use 2-3 litres of mixture or tree. After three weeks repeat with Monocrotophos 1.5 ml + Carbendazim 1g/litre,and
  4. Drench soil with Chlorpyriphos 0.05% around all un-treated trees  prophylactically once in six months, followed by a  spray on trees with quinaliphos 0.06%, Followed by Azadirachtin 1500ppm @ 3 ml/litre. 
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