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Chemical control of Chilli Powdery Mildew

Chemical control of Powdery mildew


Spraying of fungicides like

  • Carnbendazim – 1ml/lit
  • Penconazole - 1/lit
  • Propiconazole – 1ml/lit
  • Wettable sulphur – 2.5g/lit
  • Hexaconazole -1ml/lit
  • Difenconazole -1ml/lit

are effective in managing this disease. (UAS, Dharwad and UHS, Bagalkot)

Tamilnadu:Spraying Wettable sulphur 3 g/lit or Carbendazim 1 g/lit. Totally 3 sprays are required at 15 days interval from the first appearance of symptom. (TNAU).

Andhra Pradesh: Spraying Wettable Sulpher @0.3% or Dinocap or Carbendazim or Tridemorph 0.1%.

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