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Chemical control of Chilli leaf curl

Chemical control of leaf curl


  • Before sowing apply 25 gram Carbofuran granules to the nursery.
  • Spray 10% of Sorghum leaf extract to 15 to 20 day old seedling and at flowering.
  • Seed dress Imidachloprid (10 g/ kg seeds) followed by seedling dip with same solution (0.3 ml/l).
  • Spray Dimethoate (1.7 ml/l) or Imidachloprid (0.3 ml/l) or Methyl Demetan (2ml/l) at 3 WAT and 6 WAT to manage thrips and aphids.
  • Spraying Monocrotophos at 0.05 per cent at 10 days interval in the field. Spraying should be stopped 15-20 days before harvest of the crop.

Andhra Pradesh

  • Spray the crop with systemic insecticides like Monocrotophos 1.5ml or Dimethoate 2ml or  Acephate 1g per lit of water.



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