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Chemical control of Chilli Cercospora leaf spot

Chemical control of Cercospora leaf spot


  • Seed treatment with Captan 3g/kg of seed. (UAS, Dharwad)
  • Spraying Copper hydroxide 77 WP @ 2g/l of water was found effective for the management of Cercospora leaf spot.  (UHS, Bagalkot)
  • Spraying with 1g Carbendezim or 2g Mancozeb/1lit (UAS, Dharwad)


  • Spraying with Mancozeb 2g/lit or Copper oxychloride @ 2.5g/lit (TNAU)

Andhra Pradesh

  • Spray Carbendazim @ 1g/lit or Mancozeb @ 2.5g/lit of water 2-3 times at one week Interval (POP, Andhra Pradesh)




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