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Chemical Content and Uses of Linseed Oil

Chemical Content and Uses of Linseed Oil

The linseed oil comprises of linolic and lirolenic acids, glycerides and dense fatty acids. The seeds also contain a poisonous glucocide which is injurious and at times fatal to life. The protein, musyleze, some wax like substances, phosphates and sugar, the ash contains sodium potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, etc. determine the rest of the chemical composition of the seeds. The linseeds are sweet, oily, hot, pungent, heavy and smell very mild.

Uses of Linseed: The oily texture of the linseed oil makes it a perfect Paint binder and that is the reason why it is used as a prominent carrier in oil paint. Very proficiently it makes the oil paints more fluid, transparent and glittery. the linseed oil is available in various varieties like Cold Pressed, alkali refined, sun Bleached, sun thickened, and polymerized, etc.The linseed oil acts as a great ingredient in putty, which is a sealant for glass windows. Along with a thickened paste of chalk powder, it helps in the hardening of the glass windows to be painted over easily. Linseed oil is a great wood finish as it immerses itself in the thick as well as thin pores of the wood leavijng it with a shine. Its deep absorption inside the wood enables it to work as a strong resistant to denting and scratches. It is also used in the gun stocks as a finish and acts as a protective coating as well. The raw willow wood of cricket bats when applied with linseed oil make up for a strengthened and high on longevity bats. Linseed oil used by billiards/pool cue-makers for the shaft portion of the cue, a lubricant for wooden recorders and to seal modern wooden surfboards. Excellent herbal oil that can be applied externally or taken internally as a medicine, linseed oil is cures various ailments like arthritis, coronary heart diseases and stroke, hypertension and inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, asthma. The omega-3 fatty acids make linseed oil a great health booster and caretaker of heart.

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