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Chatri matri



Common Name: Wild Pea 
Scientific Name: Lathyrus aphaka L. 
  1. Wild pea or Meadowpea is a herbaceous winter season leguminous weed of wheat crop.
  2. Its growing height is 90-100 cm.
  3. Flowering takes place during Feb to March period.
  4. It bears yellow flowers which produce pods.
  5. There are 4-6 seeds in each pod.
  6. The propagation takes place through seeds, which are smooth and compressed having black colour.
  7. The stem is cylindrical and weak in nature.
  8. The leaves are reduced to tendrils, at the base of leaf, large foliaceous stepules perform the function of leaflets.

Control Measures

  1. Apply Pendimethylene(stomp 30EC) @1.0 kg a.i. per ha as pre-emergence spray(0-3 days after sowing) with 500-750 litres of water .
  2. Apply 2,4-D(or MCPA) @0.5 kg per ha. It is applied 25-30 days after sowing, after the crop has received its first irrigation at CRI stage.

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