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The changing face of farming

Friends this information may not be new but, I thought I will share this with all of you.

In India, where the electricity supply is erratic, farmers often walk several kilometers to where their irrigation pumps are located, only to find that there is no electricity available. To combats such difficulties few companies have come up and developed an innovative technology. This technology allows farmers to use their mobile phones to control irrigation. By dialing a code number from his mobile phone to a wireless device attached to the pump, farmers can now remotely monitor the electricity supply, and also switch the pump on and off. It is being tested in two villages in the state of Gujarat. To use the service, the farmer pays Tata Teleservices 2,700 rupees for the device attached to the starter on the pump and another 2,000 rupees for the mobile phone, as well as monthly service charges. The mobile phone can be used by the farmer for other communications as well. This allows farmers to spend more in other productive activities as they save their time in turning pumps on and off. Even from environmental point of view, it is important to note that water can be used more efficiently. With such innovative technologies, hope India's agricultural sector can become more drought resistant over time, and that more water from rivers will be left as drinking water for India's massive population.


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