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Cercospora Leaf Spot in Pigeonpea

Cercospora Leaf Spot


  1. Caused by Cercospora cajani.
  2. Cool temperature (25°C) and humid weather favour the disease.
  3. Normally appears at flowering and podding.
  4. More common in the long-duration and perennial pigeonpeas grown in Eastern Africa.


  1. Small circular to irregular necrotic spots or lesions appear on older leaves (Fig.98).
  2. These lesions when coalesce, will produce a blighted appearance.
  3. Defoliation may result under severe infestation.


  1. Select fields away from perennial pigeonpeas affected with this disease.
  2. Select seed from healthy crops.
  3. Heavily infected plants should be uprooted and properly disposed as they serve as source of inoculum.
  4. Mancozeb 3g per liter of water is effective.




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