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Cauliflower Pests and their control

Cauliflower Pests and their control

Diamondback Moth (DBM) (Plutella xylostella): It is one of the most serious pests of cabbage grown under comparatively high temperature conditions. The DBM derives its name from the white markings along the back of the forewings which when folded form a diamond shaped pattern. The caterpillars are green or brownish green in colour. The adult female lays eggs on the leaves either singly or in groups. Small slender green caterpillars on emergence feed on the leaf epidermis and later make holes in the leaves. Severely affected leaves are completely skletonised. Pupation takes place in a loose mesh of silken cocoon spun by the caterpillar.

Control: Spraying the crop with Malathion (0.1%) or Profenofos (0.25-0.5 kg a.i./ha) gives excellent control of the larvae. Intercropping mustard in the cabbage crop 15 days prior to sowing and 25 days after planting cabbage was effective. As the pest preferred mustard, major pest population is attracted towards it, which can be destroyed by spraying the crop with Dichlorvos (1 ml/ litre of water).


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