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Case of the missing KVKs

Does the Ministry of Agriculture know how many KVKs there are?

This sounds like a preposterous question, but there are different totals provided by the Ministry and by ICAR. About two months ago I had written to ICAR asking for details of KVKs in the North-East and pointing out that while ICAR says there are 70 in that region (ICAR's Zone III), in the state lists of the north-east there are no more than 36, which is an enormous difference.

Now I find that there are differences in other states too. For example 21 are claimed in Jharkhand but there are 18, 66 are claimed in UP but there are 60, 16 are claimed in Chhattisgarh but there are 11 and so on. According to ICAR there are 569 KVKs but the state lists together count 505 so where are the 64 'missing' KVKs?

It's an important question because in 2008-09 there was Rs 278 crore to be used by these KVKs for their work. This month, the Department Of Agricultural Research & Education has released a 'results framework document' until 2011-12. There's a variety of info in it, but what is of interest is the plan for KVKs.

For NAIP's various projects to be of best use the 'e-connectivity' (as they call it) to KVKs needed to have been completed within its first year - now they're saying it is targeted to complete only by 2011-12. The document says that by 2011-12 there will be 450 KVKs connected. How slow is that!? Why have they stopped at 450? What about the balance 119? And what about the 11th Plan target of 667 KVKs that the Ministry talks about?

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Missing KVKs

The first step in formulating plicy has to be getting the data for the baseline conditions right!  There seems to be an anomaly right here itself.  This could probably be because of the diffused operational structre of KVKs, some operated by NGOs, some by the SAUs and others administered directly by ICAR.  Nevertheless, since finacial flows are directed to each KVK from ICAR Directly, it would be interesting to see how the numbers dd up with respect to disbursement of KVK finances

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