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can any one tell me that how to open a krishi seva kendra(fertilizer,seed etc.) and where we can obtained the licence for it ?

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can any one tell me that how to open a krishi seva kendra(fertilizer,seed etc.) and where we can obtained the licence for it ?

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Krishi Seva Kendra

Dear Sir,

You can contact your district agricultural officer/assitant agricultural officer/assitant director agriculture as, they can provide more information regarding issuing the seed and fertilizer licence.



Better Farming by Every Farmer


The Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, in association with NABARD has launched a unique programme to take better methods of farming to each and every farmer across the country.

This programme aims to tap the expertise available in the large pool of Agriculture Graduates. Irrespective of whether you are a fresh graduate or not, or whether you are currently employed or not, you can set up your own AgriClinic or AgriBusiness Centre and offer professional extension services to innumerable farmers.

Committed to this programme, the Government is now also providing start-up training to graduates in Agriculture, or any subject allied to Agriculture like Horticulture, Sericulture, Veterinary Sciences, Forestry, Dairy, Poultry Farming, and Fisheries, etc. Those completing the training can apply for special start-up loans for venture.


Earn money and prestige by becoming a consultant to farmers


Agribusiness Centres would provide paid services for enhancement of agriculture production  and income of farmers. Centres would need to advice farmers on crop selection, best farm practices, post-harvest value-added options, key agricultural information (including perhaps even Internet-based weather forecast), price trends, market news, risk mitigation and crop insurance, credit and input access, as well as critical sanitary and phyto-sanitary considerations, which the farmers have to keep in mind.


Free Training to set up your Agriclinic or Agribusiness Centre


As an integral part of this nationwide initiative, specialised training will be provided to Agriculture Graduates interested in setting up such a centre. Being provided free of cost, the 2-month training course will be offered by select institutes across the country. Initiated by SFAC, and co-ordinated by MANAGE, the course comprises Entrepreneurship and Business Management, as well as skill improvement modules in your chosen areas of activity.


Bank loans available for Agriclinics and Agribusiness Centres


An individual or a group of individuals*** is eligible for availing of these loans. The outer ceiling for the cost of projects by individuals is Rs.10 lakhs, pro-rata.


Depending on the type of venture you want to set up, and with a moratorium of up to 2 years, Agriclinics and Agribusiness Centre Loans can be repaid within 5 to 10 years as per easy installment plans. The rate of interest, margin and security on loans will be decided by the respective bank, as per RBI norms.

Depending on your entitlement, you can even apply for margin money assistance.


NOTE : The training course mentioned above is not a guarantee for availing of the loan. Sanctioning of the loan would be on the basis of the techno-economic viability of your project.

*(vide NABARD circular dt.23/07/01

**(vide GOI order dt.08/01/02)

***In the case of a group of five individuals, one can be a Management Graduate.


Choose from a wide range of high-potential areas



Project01 Soil, Water Quality and Input Testing Laboratory Service Centre
Project02 Plant Protection Service Centre (Pest Surveillance, Diagnostic and Control Services including Integrated Pest Management)
Project03 Maintenance, Repairs & Custom Hiring of Agricultural Implements and Machinery including Micro-irrigation Systems (sprinkler and drip)
Project04 Agri Service Centres including at least the above three activities mentioned above (group activity)
Project05 Seed Processing Units
Project06 Micro-propagation through Plant Tissue Culture Labs and Hardening Units
Project07 Setting up of Vermiculture Units, Production of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-control agents
Project08 Setting up of Apiaries(Bee-keeping) and Honey and Bee Products Processing Units.
Project09 Provision of Extension Consultancy services
Project10 Facilitation and Agency of Agricultural Insurance Service
Project11 Hatcheries and Production of fish finger-lings for Aquaculture
Project12 Provision of Livestock Health Cover, setting up of Veterinary Dispensaries & Services including Frozen  Semen Banks and Liquid Nitrogen Supply
Project13 Setting up of Information Technology Kiosks in rural areas for access to various agriculture related portals.
Project14 Feed Processing and Testing Units
Project15 Value Added Centres
Project16 Setting up of Cool Chain from the farm level onwards(group activity)
Project17 Post-harvest Management Centres for sorting, grading, standardization, storage and packing
Project18 Setting up of Metallic/Non-Metallic Storage Structure and Rural Godowns
Project19 Retail Marketing Outlets for Processing Agri-products
Project20 Rural Marketing Dealerships of farm Inputs and Outputs


Please note that this is the opinion of the author and is Not Certified by ICAR or any of its authorised agents.