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Calcium Deficiency in Groundnut

Calcium Deficiency Symptoms

  • Calcium is one of the less mobile nutrients in plants.
  • In groundnut, there is very little translocation (movement) from the main plant body into the forming pods.
  • This limitation, in calcium availability to developing pods leads to calcium deficiency.
  • Clear foliar deficiency symptoms of calcium in groundnut are not known.
  • The calcium deficiency is reflected in poor pod formation. So, there will be less number, and small ill-developed pods per plant.
  • The calcium deficiency also leads to restricted kernel development resulting in poor pod filling. Such pods are called as “pops”.
  • Air fills the pods in the absence of proper kernel development. When such pods are pressed between fingers, air comes out making some sound like "pop”.
  • This way we can identify calcium deficiency in groundnut.
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