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Brown Spot : Rice


Brown Spot


  • The disease is caused by Cochilobolus miyabeanus (Helminthosporium oryzae).
  • The pathogen infects the coleoptiles of the seeding and causes blighting.
  • On the leaves, circular or oval, dark brown to purplish-brown spots are found.
  • In severe conditions, these lesions may coalesce and cover the entire leaf.
  • The disease symptoms also appear on grains where black spot appear on glumes.
  • The kernels of infected spikelets become shriveled and discolored.


Control Measures:

The following steps may be taken to control the disease:


  • Add muriate of potash to correct the potash deficiency in soil, because the severity of disease increases in deficient soils. Apply balanced NPK fertilizers.
  • Give three to four sprays with 0.2% Zineb or Mancozeb 75 WP at an interval of 10-12 days just before the appearance of initial symptoms of the disease.


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