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Brown manuring

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Brown manuring

Rajeew Kumar
G.B.Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar-Uttrakhand

Brown manuring is a technique to grow Sesbania in standing rice crop and kill them with the help of herbicide for manuring . After killing the color of the sesbania  residue become brown so it called brown manuring. Brown manuring practice introduced where Sesbania crop @ 20 kg/ha is broadcasted three days after rice sowing and allowed to grow for 30 days and was dried by spraying 2,4-D ethyle easter which supplied upto 35 kg/ha N, dry matter, , control of broad leaf weeds, higher yield by 4 -5 q/ha due to addition of organic matter in low fertile soils •There is potential of up-scaling of rice + sesbaniain irrigated system including sodicityaffected canal irrigated area  

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brown manuring

Namaste Rajiv ji,


I have a question.

what if i'll just cut down dhencha instead of using herbiside? may be i need to cut it 2-3 times..

waiting for your valuable reply..


Ashok Pokhriyal


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