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Broad leaf weeds of Chickpea

Broad leaf weeds of Chickpea:

Physalis minima

Ground cherry plant (Chirpoti or Rasbhari)

  • Ground cherries are bushy summer annual or perennial broadleaf weeds. 
  • Cotyledons are yellow-green to gray-green. 
  • First leaves are oval to triangular, have smooth or slightly wavy margins, and a strong odor when crushed. 
  • Mature plants have erect, hairy stems that form many branches. 
  • Leaves may be oval, triangular, or lance-shaped, and have toothed, smooth, or wavy margins depending on species and growing conditions. 
  • The narrow bell-shaped flowers have five lobes and are yellow or whitish with yellow, green, or purple centers.




Solanum nigrum

Black Night Shade (Makoi)

  • Black nightshade plants vary greatly in form and color. 
  • Seed leaves of black nightshade are elongate-oval and pointed; the first true leaves are spade-shaped with smooth edges. 
  • Lower surfaces are often purple. Berries turn from green to black when mature and the calyx covers only a small part of the fruit surface. Petioles, stems, and leaves have some hairs but are not densely hairy or sticky.



Chenopodium album

Dogs Tooth Grass  (Bathua)

  • The most distinguishing feature is its white mealy coating on the seedlings.
  • It is a rapidly growing summer annual weed.
  • Stems are erect and sturdy with freely ascending branches.
  • Stems are often tinged with red or striped with pinkish, purple or yellow.
  • Leaves vary in shape from triangular to ovate to lancerolate.
  • Mature plants are pyramidal, have many branches and are crowded with clustered spikes of dull green flowers.




Parthenium spp.

Wild Carrot Grass  (Gajar Ghass)

  • It is a annual plant with a profused branched root system.
  • Stem is angular, profusely branched.
  • Leaves are alternate, sessile, resembling that of carrot.
  • The weed produces large number of white flowers through out the year.




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