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brinjal insect-pest

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I have sown brinjal crop in one hactare of my land, and I am confronting a problem of holes in the fruit, so kindly tell me what kind of problem is this, its reason and possible solution?

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Pest in crops

Dear Sweta

I can tell you one of the organic method of control, If you put some of the sticks on 10 feet distance in whole field, The brids will sit on it and they will eat the insects because their eyes are very good to see the food (birds food is insects). By using this method you can minimise the infestation upto the thresh hold level. If you use this method from the begining of the crop. Actually we have finished the forest and trees from the field. therefore there is no platform to sit for the birds.

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Management of Shoot and fruit borer in Brinjal

Its right what Mr. Sanjay has commented i have one submission that is using of Furadon how for it will be useful is there any recommondation from any research organization kindly let me know on this.. I have used one chemical to combat the same insect pest ie Traizophos.. this will give very good result further details pl. contact

Brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis

Dear Shweta,

Brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis is a common problem in Brinjal crop. In initial stages it can be  successfully managed by application of Furadan 3G @ 8-10 Kg  per acre or by spraying Marshal 35 EC @ 330ml per acre.

Spraying TKS -Ace (Acephate) @300-400 gms per acre is also found effective to control the same. For informetion on availability of these products please contact Tata Chemicals Ltd. at 0120-6663430



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