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Brandy for Bananas!

Yet another farmers’ innovation. Brandy follows Coke and Pepsi. Erode farmers tried brandy with success. R. Mani of Sthyamangalam claims that his banana yield multiplied and fruit size increased after he mixed brandy in drip irrigated fertilizer @ 150 ml per acre during the first four months. R. Chinnasamy also of the same village said that by using brandy on his banana crop he could cut down his fertilizer costs. He picked up this brandy therapy from his next-door farmer who got a bumper onion crop by using brandy-mixed fertilizer. Now Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is forming a panel of Scientists to study how brandy works on banana.

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New Innovation

Well, the new innovation sounds good if it yields in high productivity. But, expensive for the poor farmers I guess. Is it??

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