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Bottled sugarcane juice concentrate

Bottled sugarcane juice concentrate

Protocol for preparation of the cane juice concentrate

  • The cane should be crushed within 24 hrs after harvesting to avoid deterioration due to inversion.
  • The cane juice after extraction is filtered through a muslin cloth and collected in a storage tank. 
  • The juice is poured in an open pan and is heated to facilitate the coagulation of the suspended particles into gummy colloidal substance. 
  • When the temperature reaches 85oC, which takes around 115-120 minutes, the nitrogenous impurities present in the juice start coagulating and floating on the surface, which are removed using the hand ladle.
  • The clarificant (preferably vegetative) is added. 
  • After addition of the clarificant, a golden coloured substance called scum appears on the surface, which once again was removed. 
  • After complete clarification, the boiled juice becomes clear, transparent and light brownish yellow in colour.  
  • Later on, the juice is concentrated.  At 99-100oC, the juice begins to froth.
  • To avoid this frothing and charring continuous stirring is done and at the striking temperature of 108oC the juice becomes viscous and is removed from the heating source. 
  • The concentrate is cooled and citric acid + benzoic acid (0.05% + 0.5%) are added as preservatives.
  • The product can be flavoured using the essence of orange, rose, etc. to give it a distinct flavour.
  • This concentrate is cooled in large settling tanks and is packed and sterilized.
  • The product finally resembles honey in appearance. 
  • The concentrate can be stored for a year without any deterioration in its quality.

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