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Botrytis Gray Mold in Chickpea

Botrytis gray mold
Lesions on stem, leaves, and pods     General Information:
  • Caused by Botrystis Cincerea.

  • Seed borne disease.

  • Excessive vegetative growth, close, spacing, and spreading varieties favor disease development.

      Symptoms :

  • Symptoms are usually seen at flowering time when the crop canopy is fully developed.

  • Lack of pod setting is the first indication of the disease.

  • Lesions girdle the stem completely.

  • Rotting of affected leaves and flowers.

  • Water-soaked and irregular lesions on the pod.

  • The pods contain either small, shrivelled seeds or no seeds at all.

Lesions on stem, leaves, and pods
Pycnidial bodies on pods
Pycnidial bodies on pods
Control :


  • Sowing late.
  • Adopting wider spacing.
  • Intercropping with linseed.
  • Avoiding excessive irrigation, and vegetative growth.
  • Adopting compact varieties.
  • Seed treatment with thiram 3 g kg-1 or vinclozolin or Dithane M-45 (maneb).
  • Foliar application of vinclozolin or carbendazim or carbendazim plus thiram.


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