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Botany and Economic Importance of Chilli


Scientific Name - Capsicum annuum L. Var. annuum

Family - Solanaceae     

Plant is a variable herb with shoot erect and branched, strong tap root system, leaves simple, variable in size, flowers borne singly, fruit is indehiscent many seeded berry


  • Used as  spice on account of its pungency and pleasant flavour.  
  • Chilli accounts for 20-30% of total Indian spices exports valuing approx Rs. 400-500 crores. Oleoresin is important    product being exported to European countries
  • When chillies taken with food stimulates our taste buds and there by increase the flow of saliva which contains the enzyme amylase which inturn helps in the digestion of starchy or cereal foods etc., into the easily assimible sugar namely glucose. 
  • Capsaicin has significant physiological action which is used in many pharmaceutical preparations and ointments for cold, sore throat, chest congestion etc.,
  • It is also used in cosmetics like prickly heat powders and skin ointments. 


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