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Botanical Description of Wheat Plant

 Botanical Description of Wheat Plant


For its botanical study, wheat plant can be divided into two parts namely root system and shoot system.

A. Root system: Wheat plant consists of two sets of roots that is seminal or seedling roots and clonal roots. The first set of roots (seminal roots) are produced by the germinating seedling in order to absorb nutrients for the young seedlings. These are generally five in number and are also called primary root system.

The second set of roots (clonal roots) arise from the basal nodes of the plants and form the compact vegetation mass 'crown' which is the principle organ of absorption as the young seedling progresses to maturity. It is the permanent root system and also known as secondary root system.

B. Shoot system: It collectively applies to the plant parts visible above the ground i.e. the aerial portion of the plant. These are stem, leaves, inflorescence, Kernel etc.




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