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Botanical description of chickpea

Botanical description of chickpea:

Chickpea is a herbaceous annual plant which branches from the base. It is almost a small bush with diffused, spreading branches. The plant is mostly covered with glandular or non glandular hairs but some genotypes do not possess hair. Based on seed size and color, cultivated chickpeas are of two types.

  • Macrosperma (kabuli type)- The seeds of this type are large (100-seed mass >25 g), round or ram head, and cream-colored. The plant is medium to tall in height, with large leaflets and white flowers, and contains no anthocyanin.

  • Microsperma (desi type)- The seeds of this type are small and angular in shape. The seed color varies from cream, black, brown, yellow to green. There are 2-3 ovules pod but on an average 1-2 seeds pod are produced. The plants are short with small leaflets and purplish flowers, and contain anthocyanin.


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