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Bolting in Onion

Bolting in Onion

Definition: The term bolting in onion means pre-emergence of seed stalks prior to time of their formation at the cast of bulb formation and development.

How much does it affect?

The bolting is supposed to be an undesirable character in the sense that it affects economic yield (i.e. bulbs) of onion bulbs.

Reasons of bolting:

  • There are several factors responsible for this malady in onion.
  • The temperature is one in that low temperature range (10-120C) causes bolting. However, some cultivars like Bellary Red or N-53 and N-2-1 in Maharashtra state in India produce seed stalks comparatively at higher temperature as well.
  • Bolting in onion is induced by the interaction of more than one factors viz, temperature, cultivar, time of planting, age of seedlings at the time of transplanting, poor quality-seed, availability of nutrient, during seedling stage in nursery bed and during growth in field etc.
  • It has been found that old seedlings of above 10 weeks become susceptible to bolting because such seedlings are not able to start good growth and it further slows down under poor availability of nitrogen among nutrients results in poor plant growth and which in turn causes bolting.
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