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Blast of Rice.



              Figure 1/2: Blast of Rice


Name of Disease:  Blast of Rice.

Cause: Pyricularia oryze Cav.


This characteristic symptoms of the disease appear on the leaf and leaf sheath as brown spindle shaped lesions. The lesions are more or less boat or eye shaped with grey or dark brown margin. The central portion of the young spot becomes pale green or dull greyish-green and appears water soaked but in older spots the central portions turn grey or straw coloured. The lesions on stems and grains are darker. In case of neck infection the stem which may cover the entire stem. The neck infection results in drooping of ears. Affected grains are partially filled up. Due to necrosis of neck tissues the ear heads break and fall off which results in maximum damage..


  • Seed treatment with Agrosan G.N. or Ceresan or Thiram @ 2.5g/kg of seed.
  • In endemic area where the disease appears year spray the crop with 0.1% Hinosan 50EC (1ml/l) or Benlate (1g/l) or Bavistin (1g/l.). Four to five sprays at 10 days interval may be needed for complete control. One spray should be given at the nursery, two during tillering stage and one to two during panicle emergence stage.
  • Spraying of Dithane M-45 (2.5 g/l) or Brestanol (4 g/l) is equally effective.
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