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Bitter Gourd Varieties and their characteristics


Bitter Gourd Varieties and their characteristics

S.No. Name of the variety Characteristics
1. Pusa Do Mausmi

Suitable for spring-summer and rainy season. Fruits are dark green, long medium thick, club shaped with 7-8 continuous ridges.

They are edible in 55 days from sowing, 8-10 fruits weigh one kg.

2. Coimbatore Long Fruits are long, tender, white in colour and suitable as a rainy season crop, average yield 25-30 t/ha.
3. Akra Harit The fruits are attractive, spindle shaped with glossy green  colour, small in size with smooth regular ribs, crop duration100-110 days, average yield 12 t/ha.
4. VK-1-Priya The fruits are white and 35-40 cm long, heavy bearing variety with first picking in 60 days. Average yield is 50 fruits/plant.
5. Phule Priyanka Hybrid variety with dark green colour fruits. Fruits are 20-25 cm long with tubercles. Average yield is 35-40 t/ha.
6. Phule Green Gold Fruits are 2530 cm long, dark green coloured with tubercles. Suitable for exports.
7. Phule Ujwala Fruits 18-20 cm long, dark green in colour with tubercles, average yield 30-35 t/ha, suitable for exports.
8. Pride of Gujarat Fruits are small, round, whitish green in colour with a few white dabson the skin. Each fruit weighs 8-10 g.


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