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Biological control of tobacco caterpillar in groundnut

Biological Control of tobacco caterpillar

  • Conserve the natural bio control population of spiders, long horned grasshoppers, praying mantis, robar fly, ants, greenlace wing, damsel flies/dragon flies, flower bugs, shield bugs, lady bird beetles, ground beetle, predatory cricket, earwig, braconids, trichogrammatids, NPV, green muscular fungus.
  • Release of Telenomus remus @ 50000/ha. 4 times (7-10 days interval) based on pheromone trap catching.
  • Use SNPV @ 250 LE (6X 10^9/LE)/ha or B.t. @1 k.g/ha, when large number of egg masses and early instars larvae are noticed.
  • Release Trichogramma chilonis @ 50000/ha. 2 times (7-10 days interval) based on on pheromone trap observation.
  • Release of Bracon hebetor @ 5000/ha. two times at 7-10 days interval .
  • Spray insect pathogenic fungus Nomuraea rileyi @10^13 spores/ha for controlling early instars.
  • Release larval parasitoid apanteles africanus @ 5000/ha.
  • Use 5% neem seed kernel extract on need basis.
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