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Biological control of Red hairy caterpillar in Groundnut

Biological Control

  • Spray A-NPV (2X 10^5 PIB/I) and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt).
  • Release of Bracon hebetor @ 5000/ha. two times at 7-10 days interval.
  • Conserve dominant predators like Coccinella sp. and Minochilus sexmaculata and parasitoids like Chelonus spp.
  • Conserve the bio control population of spiders, long horned grasshoppers, praying mantis, robar fly, ants, green lace wing, damsel flies/dragon flies, flower bugs, shield bugs, lady bird beetles, ground beetle, predatory cricket, earwig, braconids, trichogrammatids, NPV, green muscular fungus.
  • Use 5% neem seed kernel extract on need basis.
  • Inter cropping with pigeon pea, mung bean and soybean provides increase in population of spiders.
  • Population of coccinellids is higher on groundnut with maize, mung bean and soybean and Chrysoperla spp. is higher with maize and soybean intercrops.
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