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Biological Control of Pathogens




Crop: Cucurbits, grapes, ornamentals, strawberries, tomatoes
Target pathogen/disease: Powdery mildew
Biocontrol fungus: Ampelomyces quisqualis M-10
Trade name: AQ10 Biofungicide


Crop: Citrus, pome fruit
Target pathogen/disease: Botrytis, Penicillium
Biocontrol fungus: Candida oleophila I-182
Trade name: Aspire

Crop: Basil, carnation, cyclamen, tomato
Target pathogen/disease: Fusarium oxysporum
Biocontrol fungus: Fusarium oxysporum(nonpathogenic)
Trade name: Biofox C


Crop: Fruit, flowers, ornamentals, turf, vegetables
Target pathogen/disease: Wilt and root rot pathogens, wood decay pathogens
Biocontrol fungus: richoderma harzianumand T. polysporum
Trade name: Binab T

Crop: Canola, sunflower, peanut, soybean, lettuce, bean, tomato
Target pathogen/disease: Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and S. minor
Biocontrol fungus: Coniothyrium minitans
Trade name: Contans


Crop: Sugar beet
Target pathogen/disease: Pythium ultimum
Biocontrol fungus: Pythium oligandrum
Trade name: Polygandron


Crop: Greenhouse, nursery transplants, seedlings
Target pathogen/disease: Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium
Biocontrol fungus: richoderma harzianumand T. viride
Trade name: Promote


Crop: Trees, shrubs, transplants, ornamentals, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, bean, corn, cotton, potato, soybean, turf
Target pathogen/disease: Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Sclerotinia homeocarpa
Biocontrol fungus: Trichoderma harzianum
Trade name: RootShield, Bio-Trek T-22G, Planter Box


Crop: Cucumber, grape, nectarine, soybean, strawberry, sunflower, tomato
Target pathogen/disease: Botrytis cinerea, Colletotrichum, Monilinia laxa, Plasmopara viticola, Rhizopus stolonifer, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Biocontrol fungus: Trichoderma harzianum
Trade name: Trichodex




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