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Biocontrol of sheath blight of rice with Pseudomonas flourescens

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can anyone please tell me how to use pseudomonas flourescens for controlling of sheath blight of rice?


thanks in advance..................

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Using Pseudomonas for control of Blast & Sheathblight.


1. Paddy-Blast and sheath blight

  Pseudomonas fluorescens can be used in the following ways as recommended by TNAU.


Seed Treatment: Mix paddy seeds with the formulation @ 10g/kg of seed and soak the seeds in water for over night. Decant the excess water and allow the seed to sprout for 24 hours and sow the sprouted seeds.

Seedling root dipping: Apply 2.5kg of the formulation to the water stagnated in an area of 25 sq.m. The seedlings after pulling out from the nursery should be placed in stagnated water containing the bacteria. A minimum period of 30 minutes is necessary for soaking the roots and prolonged soaking will enhance the efficiency.

Soil application: Apply the product @ 2.5kg/ha mixed with 50 Kgs of well decomposed farmyard manure (FYM) or sand at 30 days after transplanting.

Foliar application: Spray the product @ 0.2% concentration (1Kg/ha) commencing from 45 days after transplanting at 10 days interval for 3 times depending on the disease intensity. If there is no disease incidence, a single spray is sufficient.                                   



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