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Bhendi crop calendar for july month

Bhendi crop calendar for july month

Name of the crop and pests

Damage symptoms

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Leaf hopper, Amrasca biguttula biguttula

1)Yellowing,  crinkling and curling of leaves

2)Reddening of leaf lamina from margin

3)Hopper burn, stunted plant growth


1)Seed treatment with imidacloprid 70 WS @ 10g/kg   OR thiomethaxam 70 WS @ 5 g/kg seeds

2)Spray NSKE @ 5%  OR

Acetamiprid 20 SP @ 0.2g/l


Whitefly, Bemicia tabaci

White chloratic spots on leaves. Uniform bronzing of leaves.

Transmit yellow vein mosaic disease




1)Spray NSKE @ 5%  OR triazophos @ 1.5 ml/l

2)Do not spray synthetic pyrethroid since they favours resurgence of the whitefly population


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