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Bengalgram price likely to rule high at harvest in Bidar Market

Sowing of Rabi grown Bengalgram by farmers is in progress in many districts of north Karnataka. But uncertain prices at harvest for different crops have made the farmers to think about choosing the right crop for sowing among the various alternatives. Under such a fix, to help the farmers to take right decision regarding choosing the right crop for sowing, the prices of Bengalgram that would prevail at harvesting season in the major market of north Karnataka has been predicted by the Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC), Department of Agri-business Management, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad.

            Monthly modal prices of Bengalgram was collected from leading market for Bengalgram, Bidar market, for the past 25 years and was analyzed by using rigorous time series analytical models and reliable forecast prices that would prevail in this market during the month of February-April, 2014 were established. The output prices were cross verified with the opinions of traders, agricultural scientists and progressive farmers to fine tune the forecast prices. The prices from other major markets, the existing govt. policies with respect to the marketing of the crop and the future prices being announced by the National Commodities and Derivates Exchange of India (NCDEX) were also considered to come up with accurate price forecast.

            According to price forecasts and opinions of traders and suggestions of the experienced persons, the price of Bengalgram would be around Rs. 3100-3300/- per quintal from February-April months in Bidar market. The minimum support price announced by the central government for this crop is Rs. 3000 per quintal.Therefore farmers are advised to choose the crops rationally by comparing the forecast prices of alternative crops.

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