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In this approach, Sustainability is not a scientific, "hard" property which can be measured according to some objective scale, or a set of practices to be fixed in time and space. Rather, Sustainability is a quality that emerges when people individually or collectively apply their intelligence to maintain the long-term productivity of the natural resources on which they depend (Sriskandarajah, Bawden, & Packham, 1989). In other words, Sustainability emerges out of shared human experiences, objectives, knowledge, decisions, technology, and organization. Agriculture becomes sustainable only when people have reason to make it so. They can learn and negotiate their way towards Sustainability (Röling and Pretty, 1997). Therefore, it can be emphasized that people’s participation or community engagement is a major step towards the sustainability of agriculture. 

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discussions of sustainability


In any discussions of sustainability,

it is important to clarify what is being sustained, for how long, for whose benefit and at whose cost, over what area, and measured by what criteria. Answering these questions is difficult, because it means assessing and trading off values and beliefs.

Attempts to define sustainability miss the point that, like beauty, sustain ability is in the eye of the beholder.... It is inevitable that assessments of relative sustainability are socially constructed, which is why there are so many definitions


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