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Bacterial Wilt and Brown Rot of potato


Bacterial Wilt and Brown Rot of potato

  • This disease is common in mid hills and plateau region

Causal Organism: Pseudomonas solanacearum


  1. Sudden wilting of the plant.
  2. Affected plant show droopy appearance and the branches gradually turn bronze and die.
  3. Unusual browning of vascular bundles in the stem and tubers show a brown ring inside.
  4. Eyes of the tubers are also blackened.
potato wilt potato bacterial wilt


Control Measures:

  1. Certified seed free from brown rot disease should be planted.
  2. In case cut potato tubers are being used, they should be kept at 120 C for four days so that the cut surface hardens. The tubers can also be treated same way as whole tubers.
  3. The crop debris should be collected and burnt.
  4. Bacterial - wilt disease can be controlled through
  • Use of disease free whole seed tubers,
  • Early planting
  • Blind earthing up
  • Soil application of bleaching powder @ 12 kg/ha at planting.
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