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Bacterial blight of pea

Bacterial Blight of Vegetable Pea

Causal organism: Pseudomonas syringe pv. pisi


  • This disease affects all above-ground plant parts. Seedlings from infected seed may die. The affected leaflets have small, round, oval or irregular spots of reddish brown colour with translucent centre with a darker brown margin.
  • Several spots merge to produce blight appearance.
  • Chocolate brown linear streaks on stems and petioles.
  • Pods are chocolate brown, thin, twisted and shriveled.
  • Pod surface are glossy due to dried bacterial ooze.
  • Seeds become discoloured and shriveled.


Bacterial blight of vegetable pea


  • Always sow healthy seeds procured from disease-free crop or certified seeds.
  • Invariably discard discoloured and shrivelled seeds and give a pre-sowing seed dip in Streptocycline solution (1g/10 liters of water) for 1-2 hours.
  • Give a spray of Streptomycin (0.01%) on appearance of first symptoms of the disease and repeat after 7 days, if necessary.
  • Follow a 3 years crop rotation.
  • Practice sanitation, keep proper drainage and give appropriate spacing between plants.
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