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Active Ingredient    :


Mesosulfuron methyl 3% + iodosulfuron methyl Sodium 0.6%

Product Category    :

Selective herbicide

Mode of Action       :

Acetohydroxyacid synthase enzyme inhibition

Crops                       :


Year of Registration In India                    :


Annual Grasses       :

Phalaris minor, Annual Broad Leaf weeds: Chenopodium sp., Melilotus sp, Medicagao denticulata, Rumex maritimus

Cropwise Dosages  :

160 g formulated product per acre

Formulation Categories               :

WG = Water dispersible granule

Product Features and Benefits                   :

1.      Broad Spectrum - One Shot control of major weeds in wheat

2.      Assured , Control of weeds & potential yields

Antidote                  :

Specific antidote is not known. Treat symptomatically and administer supportive treatment. Call the physician immediately. In case of accidental ...intake first perform gastric lavage with animal charcoal,adninister sodium sulphate and carry out other sypmtomatic treatment

Precautions             :

1.      Avoid inhalation, skin or oral contact with the herbicide

2.       Do not chew tobacco, eat food or smoke during spraying

3.       While spraying, use protective clothing, including goggles, rubber gloves, boots,   mask, overall rubber apron, hood or hat

4.       Wash thoroughly with soap and water and change clothes after application

5.       At the end of the spray operation, bucket/drum spray pump should be washed with detergent powder/soap and rinsed with plenty of water.

Compatibility          :

Atlantis can be tank mixed with commonly used pesticides and fertilizers

Toxicity Indication :

Danger, Moderately Toxic




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