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Assessing Adoption Potential of New Groundnut Varieties in Malawi

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Freeman, H.A.; Merwe, P.J.A. van der ; Subrahmanyam, P. ; Chiyembekeza, A.J. ; Kaguongo, W.
Journal Title: 
Assessing adoption potential of new groundnut varieties in Malawi
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Experimental Agriculture 38(2):211-221 (2002)
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This study uses farmers who hosted on-farm trials and demonstrations involving three new groundnut varieties in Malawi to assess their acceptability and adoption potential. It also examines patterns of seed diffusion among trial farmers as well as among non-trial farmers who were members of seed banks. The study shows that trial follow-up surveys provide a cost-effective approach for assessing early adoption and providing feedback to researchers. Although this study is useful it needs to be  perceived and designed as one of several studies that help researchers understand the complexity of farmers' adoption decisions.

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