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Army Worms of Chickpea

Army worms
Mines caused on the surface of the leaflet Damage symptoms :
  • Green larvae, feed mainly on leaflets and occasionally on pods.

  • Heavy attacks lead to defoliation.

Description :

  • Adults are medium sized moths. Forewings are greyish-brown and hindwings translucent.

  • Pale- white eggs are laid on foliage of chickpea and nearby plants in batches of up to 150.

  • The eggs hatches in 3 to 4 days and the greenish larvae disperse to adjacent plants.

  • Pupation occurs in the soil.

Mines caused on the surface of the leaflet
Adult Armyworm
Adult Armyworm

Control :

  • Though common, the larvae seldom reach population levels high enough to cause substantial damage and yield loss.

  • Larvae has wide range of natural enemies.

  • Synthetic pyrethroids may be most effective.

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