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An Appeal to PGPortal

The anomaly in Indian Rubber Statistics

Published by Chandrasekharan Nair S

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Grievances registered at  PG Portal are as following. 


  1. In 2013 Electronic Grievance Registration on Errors in Indian Rubber Statistics No. DOCOM/E/2013/00065 dated 6.3.2013 in PG Portal and the result published here with reply received from the Rubber Board.

  2. Second Grievance regarding anomaly in Indian Rubber Statistics No. DOCOM/E/2019/00176 dated 10.02.2019 published here with reply dated 6th March 2019 received from Rubber Board.

  3. Third Grievance No. DOCOM/E/2019/00280 dt 12-03-2019  published here with the reply dated 1st April 2019 received from Rubber Board.

  4. Fourth Grievance DOCOM/E/2019/00509 dt 16-05-2019 published here with the reply dated 1st July 2019 received from Rubber Board.

  5. Fifth Grievance No. DOCOM/E/2019/00733  dt 03-07-2019 published here with the reply dated 31-07-2019  received from Rubber Board.

  6. Sixth Grievance No DOCOM/E/2019/00980 dated 26-08-2019 published here with the reply dated 25-09-2019 received from Rubber Board.


What is the calculation used for finding the Balance Stock of Natural Rubber by Rubber Board?


It should be opening stock + production + import (of a particular period) - (consumption + export). Logically it should be the Balance Stock of Natural Rubber. If it is not equal to balance stock then what is the terminology used by the Rubber Board’s statistics Department for the obtained number?


Whether rubber board is exempted from principles of science and arithmetic?


The following tables will be updated periodically on the availability of published latest statistics by the Rubber Board through monthly rubber statistical news and Annual Rubber Statistics. Only monthly rubber statistical news available online, to fetch the updated data from Annual Rubber Statistics on cash payment through the purchase. How ever Vol 33 of 2013 is still available online which is removed from web site of Rubber Board.


A fight started before 20 years had been solved by correcting error free statistics for the year 2018-19. I submitted a complaint to NFRPS about anomaly in rubber statistics to the newly appointed executive committee. They appointed a sub committee to verify the facts and take action to send a letter to Rubber Board. An invitation received to president to participate in 8th SCP meeting. He strongly opposed against the anomaly in statistics and compelled the SCP to correct the figures to tally. On earlier SCP meeting non of the members including farmer representative became silent on this matter. With out the support of NFRPS I was a complete Zero.

Heartiest thanks to Dr. K.N Raghavan IRS Executive Director Rubber Board, Capt George Joseph President NFRPS, Statistics and planning dept including SCP team for the valuable step to correct the rubber statistics from 2018-19 onward. 

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Officer Concerned to


Officer Name: P.Sudha

Officer Designation: Secretary-in-Charge

Contact Address:Email Address

Contact Number: 04812571243

Updated on: 26-09-2019

Place: Thiruvananthapuram


Yours Sincerely

S. Chandrasekharan Nair

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