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Common Name: Wild Vetch

Scientific Name: Vicia sativa L.  


  1. It is annual herb of varying height generally 30-90 cm.
  2. The leaves are pinnate and leaflets originate in pairs which are oblong in shape.
  3. The mid rib often continues over the leaflets to form a tendril.
  4. Its habitat is mostly in dry lands.
  5. Flowers are sessile, solitary or paired in leaf axils with reddish colour.
  6. The flowering time is during February and March.
  7. There are 8-10 seeds in each pod which are brownish in coluor.

Control Measures

  1. Apply Pendimethylene(stomp 30EC) @1.0 kg a.i. per ha as pre-emergence spray(0-3 days after sowing) with 500-750 litres of water .
  2. It can be controlled as post-emergence spray of 2, 4-D (ethyl ester)@0.4 kg with 500-750 litres of water at 25-30 days after sowing of crop.

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