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animal discharges in agriculture

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is there any scientific data on animal dung and urine being used in organic farming? any quantification crop wise?

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Amritkaraisal or jiwamrita

Mr. Subhash Palekar, who had conducted several research on natural farming has written series of books on this, which details the usage of cow dung and urine in farming. That book might have data that you have asked for.

Re:animal discharges in agriculture

Animal discharges, espectally cowdun and urine of native cows are used in the following proportion per acre of land:

Cowdung - 10 kgs; urine - 5 litres; Any pulse variety (soaked in water and ground to paste) - 1 kg.; Jaggery or pulp of any fruit - Half kg to be mixed alongwith a handful of soil from the farm. All these ingredients are mixed in 200 litres of water in a container and kept in shade for one full day and stirred thrice i.e., morning-afternoon and evening. The entire contents are then added at the entry point of water to irrigate the field. This  mix is known as AMRUTKARAISAL.

This is the practice being followed by farmers growing grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits etc.the organic way. The millions and millions of micro-organisms present in cowdung and urine keep multiplying over the days and improve soil fertility. Chemical fertilizers, on the other hand, do improve yield but kill the micro-organisms and render the soil infertile over a couple of years. This is precisely what is happening post green revolution.


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