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Analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics

An analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics 

Data collected and compiled from the site and publications of Rubber Board.  Click on hyperlinks to get details. The above document is updating periodically. 

Few reasons for the price fall in India

1.  The data published in Monthly rubber statistical news   and Annual Rubber Statistics provides difference through updation (Hidden by the RB).  However mathematical error lime lights a missing with +Ve and -Ve effects.

2.  Export can't be done with out the permission of Rubber Board which are partially published on Grade wise and Country Wise. I 2006 August Pala Rubber Marketing Society exported RSS sheets at the rate of Rs 2.13/kg and ISNR at Rs 2.06/kg whem the market price at Kottayam for RSS 4 was Rs. 92/kg.

3. Import can't be done with out the permission of DGFT. 

4. Import of finished products are 5 times higher than export. As per DGCI&S Import and Export from November 2016 onward.

5. Duty free import of raw materials for tyres including Natural Rubber are permitted through SAFTA agreemet from non producing Countries.

6. Consuption ratio of NR:SR is far lower at International compared with India.

7. Area of Rubber Cultivation increases on price hike  and productivity comes down on lower prices. Non tapping estates due to lower price is equivalent to waste land. 

8. Violation of RTI Act 2005 through providing covering letters instead of data.

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