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Agropedia-future implications

"Today it is an era of information technology" are the words of our Dean of Horticulture Sh. R.C. Sharma. And just extending it further i would like to say that the workshop of Agropedia was worth in some ways. We learnt how to share knowledge on a common platform. India is dependent on agriculture. But the problem is that farmers are still not getting the right prices in the market and lot of middlemen earn high commissions keeping farmers at bay.

My suggestion to the Agropedia creators is that try and create an online shopping site for the farmers exclusively so that they are able to sell their products at a better price and on time. I have reasons for this and they are quite interesting if one takes a look at our economy presently.

Firstly, there will be less grains in warehouses and timely delivery of grains to the market will ensure that food inflation will be under control.

Once the inflation is under control,growth will be on track and the target of government i.e. GDP 7.5 to 8.5 will be achieved in no time.

This can happen when some provision is created so that farmers are registered with agropedia and informed on phone about the market demand across the country.

I would like to conclude that knowledge should flow to every corner not only research scholars, professors and educated people but also to the 'farmer community', who would be greatly benefitted and that would help in improving the economy of the country.



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