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agropedia content as books: Yes or No

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Dear All,

This is just to ask whether or not we should have agropedia category wise/Languaue wise  books (pdf's).

For example: Wheat Protection Technology can have all its related nodes on agropedia compiled together as a book so that

agropedia is able to help its users in offline mode too.

Sample PDF File : Rice Protection Technology_Diseases_Hindi

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Great Idea agropedia books

this will be a great idea ,if we can do it in different languages/in UTF-8 format.

Yes, It's a Brilliant idea

I think it's a brilliant idea of providing pdf copy to the users because, it will be more convenient for them to go through all the related topics summarized in a book alike. Please go ahead.


Thanks Sugatha!

We are in the process of preparing such pdf's and will upload a sample book of the same kind in this thread only, so stay tuned.

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