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Agroclimatic requirement of Paddy

 Soil requirement

  • Soils of Karnataka - laterite, red sandy or gravelly, red loamy, deltaic and coastal alluvium.
  • Laterite and lateritic soils - coastal districts of north and south Kanara, parts of Belgaum, Shimoga, Chickmagalore, Hassan and Coorg.
  • Black soils - Belgaum, Dharwar, Bidar, Raichur and parts of Bellary. Characteristics - Calcareous, enriched with bases and alkaline.
  • Red soils - Mysore and parts of Hassan
  • Red loam soils - Some parts of shimoga and Chickmagalore districts Characteristics - Soils are well-drained and light-textured.
  • Black and red soils - Belgaum, Bijapur, Dharwad, Raichur, Bellary and Chitradurga.
  • Upland areas - red soils
  • Lowland areas - black soils.
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