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Agricultural statistics for Karnataka needed

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Dear All

I am researching and trying to model croplands in Karnataka for which I require urgently statistics of area/production/yields of major crops in Karnataka (sugarcane,pulses,cotton,rice,maize,oilseeds,millets - at least) for 1990-1995.The agricultural gives such data from 1995 onwards.Can anyone help me out please?

Any help shall be gratefully acknowledged and also help in improving the quality of my research.




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Sorry Shubha, the data I do

Sorry Shubha, the data I do have is only for 1998 onwards. Thought it was from a decade earlier. This does bring up the question of reliable data for the last say 20 years running. The Agri Ministry through the Dept of Agri Cooperation does maintain a lot of data, but finding this either online (through the maze of official government sites) or electronically directly with the ministry will need perseverance. I'll keep an eye open and post anything I find here. Rahul

I've some short range

I've some short range historical data and can't remember whether it goes back to 1990. Will check and let you know.

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