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Agricultural operation to be done in cereals during April in plains

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Agricultural operation: Cereals

Deepali Tewari Pandey, GBPUAT


Wheat, Jau

  • Harvest the mature crop.

Chickpea, Pea

  • Harvest the mature crop.
  • For the management of pod borer spray Monocrotophos 36 EC @ 750 ml /ha in 600-800 liter.

Urd, mung

  • Give irrigation
  • For the management of yellow mosaic disease, thrips, aphids spray Phosphomidan 85 EC @ 250ml /ha in required quantity of water. Repeat the spray 10-15 day's interval.
  • Spray 500 gm Carbendazim in required quantity of water.


  • Give irrigation at 10-15 days interval.
  • Do weeding and hoeing.
  • After topdressing of urea do second hoeing.


  • Harvest the crop and store it.


  • Give irrigation
  • Do weeding and hoeing.

Berseem, Rizika

  • Remove the undesirable plants.
  • Give irrigation
  • Harvest the berseem crop.

Jowar, Bajar, Cowpea, Sankar Hati ghass

  • Sow the seeds of jowar in 2nd week of April; bajra and cowpea in the end of April.
  • Sow the Sankar Hati Ghass in moist soil.


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