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Advantages of Vermicomposting.

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Advantages of Vermicomposting

  • Organic wastes can be broken down and fragmented rapidly by earthworms, resulting in a stable nontoxic material with good structure, which has a potentially high economic value and also act as soil conditioner for plant growth.
  • Vermicompost supplies a suitable mineral balance, improves nutrient availability and could act as complex-fertilizer granules.
  • Vermicomposting involves great reduction in populations of pathogenic microorganisms, thus not differing from composting from this point of view.
  • Vermicomposting also leads to decrease the environmental problems arising from their disposal, without needing in many cases to complete the process.
  • It should be realized that vermicomposting can be a useful cottage industry for the underprivileged and the economically weak as it can provide them with a supplementary income.
  • If every village can formulate a cooperative society of unemployed youth/women group, it could be a wise venture for them to produce vermicompost and sell it back to the village at a recommended price. The youth will not only earn money, but also aid society by providing excellent quality organic manure for sustainable agro-practices.
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