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Please note that this site in no longer active. You can browse through the contents.

About Us

agropedia is a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated model of digital content organization in the agricultural domain.  It aims to bring together a community of practice through an ICT mediated knowledge creating and organising platform with an effort to leverage the existing agricultural extension system.


There are three groups of agencies/institutions on this project with different roles & responsibilities.

ICT Resource Institutions:

IIT Kanpur (agropedia platform); IIT Bombay; IIITM Kerala (multi-modal delivery); NAARM

Agricultural Information and Learning Resources:

G B Pant University for Agriculture and Technology, Uttarakhand; University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad with two KVK's in Maharashtra through the IIT Bombay network.

ICT4D Interface Partners:

ICRISAT, with its VASAT project in India and the NAARM will provide the facilitation support for agricultural research scientists and educators and the ICT4D actors. ICRISAT is the consortium leader, which has overall responsibilities for the outputs and deliverables. ICRISAT is uniquely positioned because of its long- standing formal and working relationship with nearly all the partners. Its strength in IT innovations for human development has been described in the IEEE Spectrum (Feb 2004). Its long standing partnership with the FAO (especially in AGROVOC work), and its position as the hosting centre of many CGIAR activities in India, add further strength in implementing this project in a consortium mode.  

The Supporting Partners:

Our supporting partners are Food Agricultural Organization (FAO), Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), many ICAR organisations, National Agricultural Research System (NARS),IIT- Madras, some NGOs like WIZMIN, Shramik Bharti, Central Research Institutes, State Agricultural Universities like Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural university (ANGRAU)- Andhra Pradesh, and other agricultural related institutes as National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA), Sri Aurobindo Institute of Rural Development (SAIRD)- Andhra Pradesh (Gaddipalli), TATA-Chemicals. Some consortium partners are linked with two Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs)/ Agricultural Research Stations (ARSs) each.

Why we are unique:

agropedia is envisioned to be a one stop shop for all kinds of information related to Indian agriculture. The practice of crop knowledge models has been defined and developed for the first time worldwide to create architecture for accumulating known codified and approved information about crops, with the support of Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Rome. These KMs are the structural representation of knowledge by using symbols to represent pieces of knowledge and relationships between them, which can be used to connect seamlessly to the knowledge base in agropedia using semantic tools. KMs have been represented using Concept Map (C-Map) Tools . In our site, KMs have been designed with the intention of using them for indexing and browsing the content that we gather in the repository. A template for objects and relationships within the KMs as well as guidelines to develop KMs were formulated by the NAIP- KM team of IITK with the assistance and support of FAO.  Following this, the knowledge models of Chickpea, Pigeon pea, Sorghum and Groundnut are developed at ICRISAT, Wheat, Sugarcane, Litchi and Vegetable pea are developed at GBPUAT and Rice is developed at IITK.

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