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scirtothrips dorsalis

Chemical Control of Groundnut Thrips

Cultural Control of Groundnut Thrip

                                    Cultural Control of Groundnut Thrip

Chemical control of chilli thrip

Chemical control of Chilli thrips

Seed treatment with imidacloprid 60 FS @ 20ml/kg of seeds.

Biorational control of chilli thrip

Biorational control of chilli thrip:

  1. Application of neem cake@ 2.5q/ha.
  2. Application of Farm yard manure (FYM)@ 25t/h

Cultural control of chilli thrip

Cultural Control of chilli thrip:

  1. Deep Ploughing
  2. Sanitation

Chilli thrip


Chilli thrips, is one of the major insect pest and appears from nursery to till the harvest of the crop.The peak activity of pest is noticed during August and September month. The extent of yield loss varies  from 25-50 per cent.

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